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Important: considerations of the current state of TTV LOL PRO's V1 branch. We only recommend using this branch if you're an advanced user, and be aware that there's no support for this anymore.

🟣 Twitch's stance on m3u8 "proxies/relays" or third party apps

Twitch rolled out a game-breaking change last year (31st of May 2023) and reverted their change on the first of June of that same year.

They enforced an integrity check (added a while back in September 2022) to their GraphQL endpoint (used to grab the required PlaybackAccessToken) using kasada which is a company specialized on preventing/blocking bots / protecting APIs. This integrity check broke V1's API proxies as integrity checks were failing.

With this change, seems like Twitch broke some of their own applications, as to why (most likely) they reverted it back.

It's been a while and Twitch hasn't rolled out an update like this, most likely due to the requirements of this bot check and some platforms/devices (such as the Nintendo Switch or SmartTVs) not being able to complete the required bot check due to their lack of dependencies.

More information regarding this change and their side effects can be found here and here

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