🪄How it works

Learn: we strongly recommend you reading the following so you know how we make this work before continuing to the installation.

🤔 How it works

TTV LOL PRO uses a proxy-based solution to avoid any ads on Twitch. Twitch ads can't be blocked, at all, but can be avoided/bypassed.

Also known as "server-sided" solutions, TTV LOL PRO fully relies on a proxy in an ad-free country for it to avoid any possible Twitch ad.

The "TTV LOL method" of avoiding ads consists on grabbing the m3u8 file for that specific streamer from a proxy which is hosted in an ad-free country, thus giving you an ad-free playlist.

We avoid in-stream ads, but VODs or banner ads are not handled by the TTV LOL PRO project, as some other amazing projects already do it.

uBlock Origin can be used alongside TTV LOL PRO to block VOD and banner ads. Here at TTV LOL PRO we strongly encourage users to use uBlock Origin alongside TTV LOL PRO.

TTV LOL PRO by default uses the TTV LOL API (api.ttv.lol) which has been offline for a few months already, and there's not been any signs of it coming back anytime soon. This means, that a default installation of the extension won't avoid any ads until you add working proxies. More information here: Proxies.

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