About: basic troubleshooting of issues with the extension. Please check if your issue is listed here, and if it's not, it may be a more advanced issue, in which we recommend you checking out the following page: Troubleshooting.

Important: make sure you've already readed the Must Read pages before continuing.

I can't log in on Twitch with the extension enabled

TL:DR. Disable the extension to login, after doing so you can enable it back and you'll not be prompted to login for a long time again.

This has been answered before here. If you're using your own self-hosted proxy you shouldn't have this issue, but if you're using the public proxies, or you have multiple self-hosted proxies, and you have them behind a round-robin load balancer you may experience this issue.

To fix this, make sure all your requests are being proxied through the same server, and not proxied through different ones at the same time. You can use IP hash algorithms for this, for example.

I have constant buffering, streams appear as offline, ...

Default proxies are provided as courtesy with a budget in mind, more information regarding this can be seen in the following page:

💻Proxy information

We're very sorry, and we know the current issues and limitations with the public infrastructure, but unfortunately publicly hosting TTV LOL PRO proxies is nothing near to cheap, and due to the proxies being detected by Twitch, we're constantly in the need of adding more of them.

If you want to support the project development or the costs of the proxies, you'll get rewarded with access to the restricted proxy infrastructure which is more reliable and available in multiple regions. Take a look at the following page: Get access to the restricted infrastructure

Alternatively, you can host your own proxy server, in which case we recommend basic knowledge of how proxies and Linux servers work. You can take a look at the following guide:

🖇️Host your own proxy

I still get ads after installing the extension

If you're self-hosting your own proxy, or using the restricted infrastructure, please take a look at the following page:


Firstly, please check that you're indeed proxying correctly. You can check this via the extension's dropdown page.

The non proxied count should go up as the stream progresses, and the proxied count only goes up when an ad is intercepted, so you shouldn't worry about that one.

If that's not the case, please check the previous point on this page and make sure to have any other conflicting ad blocker disabled or removed.

If that's the case, please remove any conflicting ad blocker you may still have installed and install the uBlock Origin general-purpose ad block extension:

After doing so, please check again. If you still see ads, we'll continue by tweaking extension-related options. Please go to the extension's options page via the dropdown:

Now let's make sure you have Anonymous mode enabled and move the Passport slider to Official, and try again. If you still see them, move it to Diplomatic.

If you're still seeing them, make sure to report it to us via our official communication links at the following page:

🔗Official Links

If you've followed everything correctly, and read all the Must-Read pages in the beginning, you may need to Proxy all requests instead of Proxy ad requests only. Public proxies are not available to be used with this option, so you may want to host your own proxy or support the project to get access to the Restricted Proxy Infrastructure.

💻Proxy information🖇️Host your own proxy

My non proxied count keeps going up

By default, the extension will just proxy the required traffic for the ad to go away, this means that this is normal as long as there's atleast 1 proxied packet and the Country shown in the dropdown is Russia.

The country shown in the dropdown may vary if you're using the Restricted Infrastructure or your own proxy server, but should never be your own country.

If you've switched from Proxy ad requests only to Proxy all requests in the extension's options page and the non proxied count keeps going up, that means that there's something wrong with the proxy server you're using.

I get "commercial break in progress" ads

There are two types of "commercial break in progress" ads, so we need to identify which one you're getting. Please take a look at the following screenshots. Both seem very similar but they may be served in very unrelated ways.

If you're getting served the old version

This means that Twitch has detected that you're using some sort of VPN/Proxy. All users connected to that specific proxy will get this "commercial break in progress" ad break instead of real or no ad at all.

Client-sided ad blockers (or scripts) may also get this ad triggered. This was the case a while ago with VAFT, and it's "480p trick" to avoid ads.

There may be other reasons for this specific ad to be triggered, but we've yet to identify it.

If you're getting served the new version

TL:DR. TTV LOL PRO might be able to bypass this specific ad, but it's very difficult and we've still not identified properly why it gets served. You may want to give VAFT a try if you want to bypass these, but we still don't recommend (nor support it, at all) to use it alongside TTV LOL PRO.

We're still investigating, and unfortunately we've not found much, but we have a few theories:

This specific ad might be served in very specific scenarios if Twitch detects that you're using some sort of VPN/Proxy/Ad Blocker in general, but in most cases, the old one is served instead. We have the theory that it might also have some sort of relation with server's ASN type (Hosting/ISP/Business/Education/Gov).

We've seen this ad appear more in very specific streamers that may be involved with anything from the following list:

  • Runs ad-breaks within the stream itself, outside of Twitch Ads. Third party advertisement company.

  • Its account is in a very poor status (streamer knows he might be banned soon).

  • Sports or eSports streams that are either being officially streamed or unofficially streamed (with or without its rights to stream it).

  • Some sort of advertisement revenue limit on Twitch's end or Streamer's end.

  • Some sort of advertisement revenue limit where the Streamer is located, or its region as a whole.

  • The streamer has run so many ads that the streamer has hit some sort of limit.

  • Slots/Poker/anything related to gambling or such, for which Twitch restricts the advertisement companies shown in those cases.

This ad may be bypassable in some cases, but unfortunately, there are other cases where it gets served to absolutely everyone, so even if you don't use TTV LOL PRO at all, you'll get that instead of a real ad.

We've found some sort of success on bypassing this ad if it's not sticky (gets served based on the Proxy/user region) and using a proxy where it doesn't get served. Some ASN types (ISP/Business/Education/Gov) may have a more success ratio than hosting ones.

I get ads in VODs, or banner ads

We avoid in-stream ads, but VODs or banner ads are not handled by the TTV LOL PRO project, as some other amazing projects already do it.

uBlock Origin can be used alongside TTV LOL PRO to block VOD and banner ads. Here at TTV LOL PRO we strongly encourage users to use uBlock Origin alongside TTV LOL PRO.

I'm trying to use [insert random VPN provider] HTTP proxy and it doesn't work

This has been explained before here: Can I use [insert random VPN provider] HTTP proxies?

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