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💭 I'm on TTV LOL PRO 1.9.3 and the extension doesn't auto-update to the latest version

We strongly encourage users to install the extension through the stores, as they can deliver automatic updates to improve the overall experience.

Official Links

Outdated builds can give unexpected results, so please update to the latest version!

💭 I still have V1 proxies in my options page

There have been some reports from users having this strange behavior. Please uninstall any other Twitch AdBlock extension before installing TTV LOL PRO. If you're installing TTV LOL PRO V2, please uninstall TTV LOL PRO V1 before installing it.

Alternatively, you can reset your settings to the default provided in the Extension's Options Page.

💭 The V2 branch seems to be more up-to-date, should I update from V1?

Twitch does some really weird update rollouts. The V2 branch was created due to some users getting hit with ads using the V1 method.

💭 Why does the Chromium extension need the permission to "read all traffic on all websites"

We require a very specific permission for the V2 system to work, proxy, as specified here. Chrome does a really aggressive naming to that permission, as if used in a malicious manner, an extension could forward all the requests to a proxy server of its choice.

You can take a look at the extension's source code. We only proxy the following domains related to Twitch for the system to work: How it works.

💭 Wow, you proxy a lot of my Twitch traffic, can my account be hijacked from this?

Twitch has been using the HTTPS protocol for years now, such as basically every website on the planet. This means that the traffic is encrypted between you and Twitch's servers. The proxy server can't see anything based on your traffic. The only information that a proxy could obtain is that your public IP address is accessing www.twitch.tv (for example) at 3AM, there's no more information, as the proxy only acts as a "forwarding" server.

The default provided proxies only stores logs of connections for 24h, after that they're all purged. This is done to improve proxy performance as we can see usage stats based on that. If you don't like this, we suggest creating your own proxy server using the following guide: Host your own proxy.

Keep in mind that all ISPs and providers can still see your IP address and domains you access, that information is not encrypted.

💭 Can I use [insert random VPN provider] HTTP proxies?

The short answer is no. Most of these VPN providers such as NordVPN use HTTP with SSL proxies (basically HTTPS proxies) which are not compatible with the extension.

You can use third party projects, such as gluetun to expose your VPN connection as an HTTP proxy, but do keep in mind that this is meant to be used by advanced users, and running this service uses huge amounts of RAM, and possibly CPU.

We can only give support for the Public and Restricted Proxy Infrastructure, thus by using third party services it means that you're on your own.

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